Farook Training College

Established in 1961 by Rauzathul Uloom Association

We are the first teacher training college managed by Muslim Minority in the state to promote the cause of education in Malabar, to provide quality teacher education to all classes of people, to attract and encourage talented students towards teaching profession, especially from among financially and educationally backward Muslim minority students and the other marginalized sections of the society.




Dr. T Mohamed Saleem

Farook Training College offers top-quality education and training to prospective teachers, with well established resources in terms of infrastructure, proficient faculty and vibrant curricular programmes. This educational gate way takes you to the expansive vista of a career that has been described- for good reason- as the best of all calling.

Presents a mix of nearly ten significant ingredients viz. a flaming torch in a firmly holding hand; a star at the center; the motto of the institution with the name of the institution inscribed underneath; coconut trees and a sea coast; an open book; ink-pot and pen; and an encircling crescent. The flaming torch in the hand of the seeker of knowledge symbolizes the dissemination of knowledge; the star signifies a steady source of light and wisdom imparted by the college; the motto of the institution means : “ Lord, Increase My Knowledge” ; the coconut trees and sea coast represent Kerala and Arabian sea, whose histories have always remained intertwined; the ink pot and pen signifies the dissemination of knowledge through writing; the open book symbolizes transparency and universal nature of knowledge imparted by the institution; while the encircling crescent signifies peace embracing varying sectors.