Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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School Adoption Programme

        The college has adopted Govt. L.P. School, Karinkallai which is a striving public sector educational institution with insufficient infrastructure and no financial support. Farook Training College adopted the school in 2010 when it was at the verge of closure. Since then the college has been extending academic, physical and financial support . Our college students have implemented a number of initiatives in the school since then from painting the school to setting up a school garden. As of recent, a stage has been constructed in the school premise under the supervision of the college. A pre primary ( KG) section has been initiated at the school with the proper administrative and physical support of the college . The Navaprabha project for pre primary school development , Vidhyatheeram project for academic support which includes programmes for enriching English, Malayalam and Mathematics are implemented by our students in a well scheduled and organized manner. The faculty of Farook Training College has been providing financial support to empower the school activities regularly on a monthly basis for a decade now and all students of FTC engage in the activities compulsorily.

Faculty in -charge : Mr. Faseel Ahammed


        Raising the slogan of the Institution to community, Farook Training College has planned and executed many long term and short term projects. We are always farsighted in achieving the objectives envisaged in the vision and mission of the Institution.  One among the long term projects envisioned, implemented and still continuing as a flagship project of Farook Training College is ‘The School Adoption Project’. The Institution has adopted a nearby Government Lower Primary School (GLPS Karinkallai) since 2010 as it was on the verge of closing. Since then our students have provided a new life to the kids there coming from an extremely backward social condition and it also set a platform for our students for practical implementation of the theoretical orientations conversed in the classrooms.  The project has helped to revitalize the school in various dimensions. We have been providing financial, academic, man power and materials support for the school since 2010.

Strategic planning was made and implemented for the gradual development of the School through many phases.

        In the  first phase  of the project, we have been focused mainly on creating child-friendly ambience in terms of infrastructural facilities and care has been taken in feeding them with nutritious food. The school’s walls were painted and the surrounding area was made clean and neat.  Since 2010 we have been providing special meals to students on the first working day of every month and on every special occasion.

        The  second phase  of the project got launched in 2015 for a duration of 4 years  by contributing a multipurpose stage cum class room to the school.   In second phase, in addition to the activities taken in first phase, due attention has been paid to improve academic environment in the school. Accordingly, the college donated a laptop to set up a smart classroom at the school. Special ICT training sessions were arranged for both students and teachers. Attempts were also made to organize parenting classes frequently as parental support is essential to the students to keep them motivated.

        In the Second Phase, Student’s personal needs were identified and addressed. At the beginning of each academic year, the school’s opening ceremony is celebrated in a colorful manner by distributing learning materials, and gifts to the new students.  We also distribute note books, pens, school bag, water bottle, colourpens etc to all the students in the beginning of each academic year. Co- curricular activities & day observations in each academic year was organized & celebrated in the school in befitting manner by our students.

        The project helped to revitalize the school, and to grow in a way that is comparable to other schools in terms of learning standards and physical conditions. Through these years of such activities, it was possible to attract many other students to the school and  to prevent dropouts. The Project is driven by the monthly donations received from teachers and non-teaching staff.  We aim to make this School an independent School with excellence in all aspects by 2025.

Activities of school adoption programme 2017-23