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Research Scholars Association (RSA)

Research Scholars Association (RSA) formed in the year 2014 comprises Full- Time and Part-Time scholars working in Research Centre in Education, Farook Training College. Over the years of its inception, RSA grew and spread its academic prowess in the form of producing several research-oriented publications and programmes such as national seminars, workshops and webinars.

Bird Eye View

Research Scholars Association (RSA) is publishing a newsletter “Bird Eye View” every year from August 2016.The newsletter aims to discuss the educational problems and new concepts in the area of education and educational researches. The editorial board constitutes Principal as the chief editor, Research coordinator as staff editor and selected members from research scholars as sub editor

Bird Eye View

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December 2020      

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December 2023 


Full time scholars in the Research department are conducting daily programmes to empower professionalism, introduce new aspects in research methodology, discuss current issues in education and research and to enhance life skills and soft skills among research scholars. Webinar on Research and Publication Ethics, NEP 2020, Augmenting Research Documentation with Digital Resources, Research in the Covid-19 Scenario, Professional Development, Book writing and publication, Research methodology, Twenty first century teaching skills, Blended learning, Career opportunities in KVS,NVS and DIET, Child protection acts etc., helped the scholars to gain deep knowledge in the fields. In “Chat with Guru” sessions the supervising teachers shared their experiences in life and research and the scholars could understand their area of expertise as well.

List of Full-Time Research Scholars

Sl. No Name Date of Admission Supervising Teacher Fellowship
1 HIMNA P.A 02-09-2017 Dr.Mumthas.N.S NET -JRF
2 SHYMA USMAN ABDULLA 13-03-2020 Dr.Mumthas.N.S NET -JRF
3 SABANATH M 04-12-2020 Dr.Anees Mohammed.C
4 ZEENATH P.Y 28-04-2021 Dr.Anees Mohammed.C NET-JRF
5 NASLAMOL K 20-06-2022 Dr.Mumthas.N.S NET-JRF
6 SHADIYA A 20-06-2022 Dr.Vijayakumari.K
7 RASEENA M.K 27-06-2022 Dr.Rekha.P
8 JULEENA ROSHY A 29-06-2022 Dr.Niranjana.K.P NET-JRF
9 MANJUSHA B.S 30-06-2022 Dr.Fathima Jaseena.M.P.M
10 SUJISHA E.P 01-07-2022 Dr.Jesa.M NET-JRF
11 BINDU A.V 11-08-2022 Dr.Aseel Abdul Wahid
12 NIMISHA P 24-01-2023 Dr.Vijayakumari.K

List of Part-Time Research Scholars

Sl. No Name Date of Admission Supervising Teacher
1 K.S. SAJAN 05-12-2012 Prof.(Dr.) T.Mohamed Saleem
2 BINDU K 06-03-2014 Dr.Hassankoya M P
3 RAJILA M 10-03-2014 Dr.Rekha.P
4 PRABEESH A M 11-09-2017 Dr.Jesa.M
5 SUHARA A 11-09-2017 Dr.Fathima Jaseena.M.P.M
6 SARITHA A S 20-09-2017 Dr.Vijayakumari.K
7 SUKANYA RANI P 15-11-2017 Dr.Jesa.M
8 SUNIL K 06-12-2017 Dr.Vijayakumari.K
9 SANTHOSH T M 17-12-2018 Dr.Umer Farooque.T.K
10 PREETHA GEORGE 08-08-2019 Dr.Jesa.M
11 SOUMIYA M S 30-08-2019 Dr.Niranjana.K.P
12 RADHIKA T 04-09-2019 Dr.Niranjana.K.P
13 DEEPTHI E P 18-02-2020 Dr.Umer Farooque.T.K
14 RANJITHA T 28-10-2020 Dr.Afeef Tharavattath
15 SAUMYA R S 28-10-2020 Dr.Afeef Tharavattath
16 PRIYA T 28-10-2020 Dr.Jesa.M
17 MITHU THIMOTHY 28-10-2020 Dr.Jesa.M
18 NOUFAL T P 30-10-2020 Dr.Umer Farooque.T.K
19 FASALUL ABID C M 04-11-2020 Dr.Niranjana.K.P
20 O.P.FOUSIYA 04-11-2020 Prof.(Dr.) T.Mohamed Saleem
21 MOHAMMED SHAFI P 10-11-2020 Dr.Afeef Tharavattath
22 ABDUL SAMAD P K 12-04-2021 Dr.Anees Mohammed.C
23 SUDHEESH N P 08-06-2022 Dr.Vijayakumari.K
24 LULU S KAPPIL 25-06-2022 Dr.Mumthas.N.S
25 MOHAMMED SUBIN P S 28-06-2022 Dr.Aseel Abdul Wahid
26 MAHABOOBALI A P 30-06-2022 Dr.Aseel Abdul Wahid
27 T.ABDULSALIM 01-07-2022 Dr.Anees Mohammed.C
28 MUHAMMED ABDUL NASAR K 04-07-2022 Dr.Fathima Jaseena.M.P.M
29 HASEENA K V 24-01-2023 Dr.Afeef Tharavattath
30 DHANYA V R 24-01-2023 Dr.Umer Farooque.T.K
31 ANJUNA M P 24-01-2023 Dr.Rekha.P
32 BENCILA ROSE SUNNY 25-01-2023 Prof.(Dr.) T.Mohamed Saleem
33 SREEJA N 25-01-2023 Dr.Vijayakumari.K
34 RAMSHEENA A M 25-01-2023 Dr.Mumthas.N.S
35 VIJEESH C M 28-01-2023 Dr.Rekha.P