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Outcome Based Education

Report on Teachers' Participation in Outcome-Based Education Initiatives (OBE)

Serving as subject experts and resource persons, teachers of Farook Training College played a crucial role in the dissemination and implementation of Outcome-Based Education (OBE). Teachers have been actively involved in advancing educational methodologies through their participation in workshops organized by the Department of Education at University of Calicut and UG Board of Studies (Education).  Furthermore, our teachers played a crucial role in the development of OBE-based curriculum for B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes of the University of Calicut. Their involvement also included the meticulous mapping of course outcomes with program outcomes, ensuring a unified integration of OBE principles into the curriculum.

The curriculum construction of Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP) to be implemented by the University of Calicut from the next academic year onwards is on the reel with special focus on outcome-based education. The contribution of Farook Training College to the initiative taken by Kerala State Higher Education Council in this regard is remarkably significant. Accordingly, Prof. (Dr). T Mohammed Saleem who is the principal of this institution is appointed as an academic steering committee member and the sub-committee consists of Dr. Anees Mohammed C, Dr. Umer Farooque T K, and Dr. Niranjana K P.

Additionally, Calicut University took a significant step in promoting Outcome-Based Education by organizing a specialized training program for trainers to develop master trainers in this pedagogical approach. Our teachers, recognized as experts in the field, actively participated in this training program. This reflects our institution's commitment to staying at the forefront of educational advancements and contributing to the development of educators equipped with the skills needed for effective implementation of OBE.

The Board of Studies regularly conducts workshops at various institutions, and our teachers consistently contribute their expertise as resource persons, contributing to the broader educational community. The various sessions are handled by our teachers for the resourceful delivery by acting as effective agents for an outcome-based education.  Prof. (Dr.). Mumthas N. S , Prof. (Dr.). Vijayakumari K., Dr. Anees Mohammed C., Dr. Niranjana K.P., Dr. Nowfal C. and Dr. Mohammed Sareef K acted as resource persons on Outcome Based Education for various workshops. In addition to that, Prof. (Dr.). Mumthas N. S., Prof. (Dr.) Jesa M., Prof. (Dr.). Vijayakumari K., and Dr. Niranjana K P attended MOOC and Refresher courses on OBE.

The 'Finishing School' project at Farook Training College stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to Outcome-Based Education. This project was developed with a foundation rooted in OBE principles, aiming to enhance the overall educational experience for students. One exemplary instance of the practical application of OBE principles by our institution is the 'Learning Empowerment Program' conducted at Farook LP School led by our Research Scholar, Zeenath P Y, under the guidance of Dr. Anees Mohammed C., as part of the REACH Program and was rooted in OBE principles as an integral component of her research. This not only demonstrates the commitment of our scholars to advancing educational practices but also underscores the tangible impact of Outcome-Based Education in fostering effective learning environments. Moreover, during the bridge course and induction meeting of B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes, students are made aware about Graduate Attributes, Programme Educational Objectives and Programme Outcomes of each programmes as well as about OBE.