Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39(2021-26)

    Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.54(2012-17)

Emergency Management Cell (EMC)

        Emergency Management Cell (EMC) of the institution is a task force comprising selected trained volunteers from staff and students. The EMC aims to effectively intervene in all emergency situations in and around the campus to achieve the motto of ‘ trained and trusted ‘. EMC will expose its members to various training programs. The activities of the cell are coordinated by:

Chairman : Dr. Muhamed Saleem T (Principal)

     Director  :  Mr. Fasalul Abid C. M.

     Associate Directors :   Dr. Afeef Tharavattath   

                                             Dr. P. Rekha

                                             Mr. Faseel Ahammed