Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39(2021-26)

    Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.54(2012-17)

Evaluation and Examination Committee (EEC)

    To enhance the quality of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of all programmes, an Evaluation and Examination Committee is functioning in the college. The functions of the committee are 

  • Planning, scheduling and conducting internal examination for B.Ed., M.Ed., and Ph.D. Programmes
  • Providing information and guidance on matters related to external  (University) examinations
  • Providing information on weightage to internal marks and criteria for internal assessment
  • Coordinating Open Defence and Pre-submission seminars of Ph.D. programme
  • Collecting and scrutinizing the question papers for internal exams
  • Collecting, publishing and uploading internal marks
  • Addressing the grievances regarding internal marks of the students
  • Conducting Evaluation of M.Ed. Dissertations and proposals internally
  • Organising Mock viva for M.Ed. and PhD students
  • Monitoring the conduct of practical activities of B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes
  • Conducting programmes/ discussions on Examination reforms

Committee Members

The committee consists of following members:

    1.     Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem, Principal(Chairman)

    2.     Dr. T. K. Umer Farooque (Convenor)

    3.     Dr. Rishad Kolothumthodi (Staff Secretary)

    4.     Dr. Niranjana.K.P.

    5.       Dr. Nowfal. C

    6.    Mr. Fasalul Abid. C. M

    7.     Dr. Irshana Shanaz Ulladan

    8.    Mrs. Rajitha K. V



  • B,Ed First Semester University  Examination :  20-22 batch ( Sept 8.2021 to Sept 14, 2021 )  – Click here  for Time-Table
  • B.Ed Second Semester Internal Examinations, 20-22 Batch (Sept 27  to Sept 30, 2021) -MOODLE – Time-Table -Circulated in Class Group


  • M.Ed Fourth Semester Internal Examinations : 19-21 batch  (Sept 9, 2021 to Sept 11, 2021) – Time-Table – Circulated in Class group
  • M.Ed Fourth Semester University Examinations : 19-21 batch (Sept 16,2021 to Sept 22, 2021) – Click here for Time-Table
  • M.Ed Second Semester Internal Examinations, 20-22 Batch (Sept 20 to Sept 24, 2021) -MOODLE – Time-Table -Circulated in Class Group