Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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Resource Mobilization Policy

        Farook Training College, administered by the non-profit organization Rouzathul Uloom Association, operates with a steadfast commitment to enhancing the academic and social prospects of students in Kerala's underserved Malabar region. Founded on the principles of selfless service and societal betterment, the trust prioritizes fulfilling social responsibilities over personal gain or privileges. With an unwavering dedication to transparency, the Managing Committee rigorously oversees fund mobilization, ensuring their optimal utilization. Central to the institution's ethos is a robust resource mobilization policy and an exceptionally transparent fund management system.
    As a government-aided institution, Farook Training College derives its financial support from diverse sources, including grants from governmental bodies such as the UGC, contributions from the managing committee, philanthropic donations, the Parent-Teacher Association, Alumni Association funds, and various endowment resources.

    This institution operates through a decentralized administration, collaboratively involving the Parent body, Managing Committee, Principal, committees, and institution wings. Together, they diligently mobilize and utilize funds, upholding an unwavering commitment to care and transparency in all related activities, aligning closely with the institution's vision and mission for accountability and transparency.

        Annual financial audits, overseen from the highest to the lowest levels of administration, ensure that all financial transactions undergo scrutiny, emphasizing accountability and adherence to best practices.
Farook Training College actively pursues various financial assistance programs from government entities. Proposals and estimates for projects are meticulously prepared and submitted for approval. Once sanctioned, these funds are strictly directed according to the proposal and relevant regulations, subject to timely audits to ensure their appropriate utilization.

        Different sources of funding, such as those from the Managing Committee, philanthropic donations, PTA, and the Alumni Association, are strategically allocated toward specific institutional needs, student scholarships, and infrastructure development, ensuring the holistic growth of the institution and its members.

        Moreover, the institution meticulously maintains transparency and accountability by conducting both internal and external audits regularly. Account management and sanctioned payments are subject to rigorous internal and external scrutiny conducted by the appointed agency, the Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, and the Accountant General. This comprehensive approach ensures that Farook Training College effectively mobilizes funds and optimally utilizes available resources in line with its mission and vision.

Resource Mobilization Policy