Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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Natural Science  Lab 

The natural science lab provide opportunity for prospective teachers to conduct experiments and practical. It provides first-hand experience of conducting investigations. It includes preserved specimens, permanent slides and other materials of biological importance. The lab is equipped with collection of still and working models, various types of charts and improvised learning aids.

Science always focuses on doing things rather than saying. In this context a good lab is indispensable for science teaching.  Teacher students can utilize the lab facilities to clarify the concepts in biology and thereby to make teaching effective. The process skills in science like observation, experimenting, classifying etc. can be practiced in the natural science lab. Moreover, there is a demonstration table where teacher can conduct lecture come demonstration.

Physical Science Lab 

    The college is facilitated by a well organized Physical Science Laboratory for students to design and explore first hand various aspects of experimentation and improvisation. The physical science lab provide opportunity for prospective teachers to conduct practical investigations by making use of the wide range of equipments, chemicals, electronic gadgets, charts and models available. The Lab is conducive to developing process skills in both teacher students and the student community in the schools during the various practical sessions of the B.Ed., M.Ed. and Ph.D. programmes.

    The laboratory is well maintained and regularly rejuvenated with required items. It has all the chemicals and reagents that are commonly used in science practicals at high school level. Measuring instruments and commonly used apparatus for simple experiments are available for demonstration purposes. The  Physical Science Laboratory has sufficient storage facilities, demonstration space, water and current supply and is open to students any time to make the best use of these facilities.

Mathematics Lab  

    At Farook Training College, we believe that learning is not just transaction of content. As in our vision statement, we want to become a centre par excellence of Teacher education, unique in experience, value based in approach and pioneering in efforts for enriching and fulfilling life of all. We are continuously striving to make our education process appealing so as to attain our vision in all aspects.

            Mathematics is being considered as a discipline of abstract nature. In order to reduce the abstractness of Mathematical concepts, we have set up a Mathematics Laboratory where the learners get opportunity for first hand and direct experiences. The facilities and amenities provided in the Laboratory makes Mathematics learning a concrete experience as well as interesting. State of the art Mathematics Laboratory at FTC creates a challenging atmosphere to the 21 century learners to hone their Mathematical skills. Training to train to learn through direct experiences will surly lead generations to meaningful learning.

            The Laboratory have various instruments and devises such as

Measuring & surveying instruments, Geometrical shapes, three dimensional objects, Charts, graphs, pictures, posters & photographs, Puzzles & riddles, Working and still Models, Projective aids – Interactive white board, LCD projector, Audio system, Computer system, Internet connectivity, Reading corner, Work bench etc.

Social Science Lab 

The Social Science student teachers of Farook Training College have organized a social science lab which aims at making Social Science teachers self-sufficient and rich in content for effective teaching of Social Science.  The social science lab is fully equipped with modern aids, locally available materials, various textbooks on Social Science from primary, secondary and higher secondary classes ,handbooks, reference books for further reading the content especially in higher secondary classes, were collected and organized in a way that this will be available for student teachers at any time for reading and reference purpose.

                     The Social Science students collected and organized various aids, materials, textbooks according to respective classes. They also arranged them with names written on the materials and textbook coverings in order to make them more accessible to the student teachers. The main purpose of lab is to make the new upcoming teachers self-sufficient and more content rich at different topics in Social Science.