Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39(2021-26)

    Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.54(2012-17)

Fundamentals of Mathematics Education

Authors : Dr. Vijayakumari K., Dr. Mumthas N.S., & Dr. V. Sumangala

ISBN : 978-81-948571-4-3

Publisher: Atma Books, Kozhikode

Year : 2020

Classroom for Effective Learning

Authors :  Dr. Mumthas N.S., & Dr. Shamina E.

ISBN : 978-93-88909-71-6

Publisher: Atma Books, Kozhikode

Year : 2020

Efficient English Teaching

Author : Dr. M. Jesa

ISBN : 81-7648-844-5

Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi

Year : 2005

Contemporary  English Teaching

Author : Dr.M. Jesa

ISBN : 978-81-920649-0-1

Publisher: KMK Publications, Kollam

Year : 2011 (5th Ed,) 

Teaching Science Resources, Methods  and Practices :Physical Science and Natural Science

Authors: Dr. Manoj Praveen G & Dr. Hassan Koya M.P.

ISBN: 978-93-858774-8-3

Publisher : Neelkamal Publications, Hyderabad

Year : 2016

Problem Solving Ability and Achievement in Physics : Effect of Mastery Learning Strategy

Author : Dr. Manoj Praveen G & Prof. (Dr.) K. Sivarajan

ISBN: 978-17-163403-6-9

Publisher : Lulu Publications, Raleigh, USA

Year : 2020

Problem Solving Ability  in Physics among Later Adolescent Students: A Critical Survey

Author : Dr. Smitha R., & Dr. Manoj Praveen G.

ISBN: 978-93-898-7-5

Publisher : APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi

Year : 2021

Understanding Disciplines and School Organization

Author : Dr. Hassan Koya M.P. & Mr. Nowfal C.

ISBN: 978-93-85899-99-7

Publisher : Insight Publica, Kozhikode

Year : 2017

Bhasha Bodhanathinoru Kaithangu

Author : Mrs. Rajitha K.V.

ISBN: 976-61-933446-9-9

Publisher : Turn Books, Kottayam

Year : 2017

The Methodology of Teaching Mathematics

Author : Prof, (Dr.) K. Sivarajan & Dr. Aseel Abdul Wahid 

ISBN: 978-93-9o783-35-9

Publisher : Central Co-operative Store, University of Calicut

Year : 2021

Introduction to  Health, Fitness and Physical Education for Training Colleges

Author : Mr.Faseel Ahammed, Dr A.M .Antony, Dr .A .Abdul Latheef , Dr. K. P. Hussain and Dr. Devakumar K.V.

ISBN: 978-81-80000-0-0

Publisher : Piano Publications, Edumart , Calicut

Year : 2019

Educational Thoughts and Practices Gender, School and Society creating an Inclusive School

Author :Pro. (Dr.) K. Sivarajan, Prof. (Dr.) Noushad P. P, Dr. Aseel Abdul Wahid

ISBN: 978-93-90783-51-9

Publisher : Central Co-operative Store, University of Calicut

Year : 2023