Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39(2021-26)

    Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.54 second cycle (2012-17)         Third cycle Reaccreditation  IIQA submitted and approved by NAAC.      SSR submitted successfully as on 01.01.2024.

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IQAC Publications

Deseeya Vidyabhyasa Nayam 2020 : Sameepanangalum  Kazhchappadukalum

Edited Book of Farook Training College

Chief Editor : Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem 

Editor : Mr. Mohammed Sareef K.

Associate Editors:  Dr. Manoj Praveen G., & Mrs. Rajitha K.V.

ISBN: 978-81-933464-1-9

Publisher : IQAC, Farook Training College

Year : 2020

Environmental Psychology

Perspectives on Teacher Education

Managing Editor : Dr. C.A. Jawahar

Editor in Chief  : Dr.Fathima Jaseena M.P.M.

Associate Editors:  Dr. Mumtha N.S, Dr. K. Vijayakumari.,  Dr. M. Jesa., Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem & Dr. Hassan Koya M.P.

ISBN: 978-81-933464-0-2

Publisher : IQAC, Farook Training College

Year : 2017

Homikkanullathalla Mohikkanullathaan Jeevitham

      Authors : Dr.Anees Muhammed C

     ISBN : 978-81-949875--0-5

     Publisher:  IQAC, Farook Training College

      Year : 2023


Durantanivaranam Kaippusthakam

          Authors: Dr Udayasree K& Dr Rekha P

        ISBN: 978-81-949875-3-6

       Publisher: IQAC Farook Training College
       Year: 2022

Pedagogy of Teacher Education Trends and Challenges

Chief Editor : Dr. Mumthas N. S. 

ISBN : 978-93- 5267- 009-3

 Publisher:  IQAC, Farook Training College

 Year : 2015

Curricular Imperatives of Sustainability Science

Chief Editor : Dr. C. M. Bindhu 

ISBN :81- 903802-5-4

 Publisher:  IQAC, Farook Training College

 Year : 2013