Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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Sajma Das Memorial Endowment 

        Sajma Das Memorial Endowment is an initiative of research scholars, along with the family of Sajma Das and her guide Dr.K Vijayakumari for the evergreen memory of Sajma Das. Sajma Das was a full time research scholar of the college who joined for research in 2014 under the supervision of Dr.K Vijayakumari. But in 2016, Sajma Das passed away by leaving the college at state of shock and profound sadness. The void left by Samja Das's absence will be felt deeply by students, teachers, staff, and everyone who had the privilege of knowing and interacting with him/her. In remembrance of Sajma Das, Sajma Das Memorial Endowment was initiated in 2017. It is presented as cash prize and certificate for the top scorers in B.Ed. and M.Ed. Programmes in an yearly manner.

2020-22 Fathimathul Huloodha T P
Sonima V
2019-21 Athira M
Shebeeha Shamshad M
2018-20 Janna
Zeenath P Y
2017-19 Razana P K
Raheesa Farsana N