Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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    Farook Training College has deftly furnished, well equipped and efficiently organized psychology laboratory to train student-teachers in various psychological assessment techniques and acquaint them with the concept of standardized tests. The laboratory is equipped with the different apparatus for conducting different psychological experiments. The lab provides first-hand experience to students in conducting psychological tests applicable to classroom teaching-learning situations. The students conduct experiments in the lab under the guidance of faculties. The Laboratory is well equipped with tests, tools, inventories and equipment for B.Ed. and M.Ed. curriculum requirements. The college is a research center in education. Various psychological instruments and standardized psychological tests in the psychology lab are useful for research students.

The Main Purposes or objectives of Psychology Laboratory are:

  • To enable the students to understand way of conducting psychological experiments.
  • To give practical experiences to students in regard to some of the psychological concepts and principles.
  • To enable the students to apply scientific method for the solution of psychological problems.
  • To give students living experience in regard in the conducting of psychological experiences in their class room situation in future.
  • To apply the knowledge of various psychological experiments and tests in school situations.
  • To apply the standardized psychological tests during research work.

In the Psychology Laboratory, there are various aptitude tests, Intelligence tests, personality tests, creativity tests, inventories, scales etc. Some of them are:

Aptitude Test

  • Differential Aptitude Test Battery
  • Duncan’s Sales Aptitude Test

Intelligence Test

  • Raven’s Coloured Progressive Matrices
  • Bhatia’s Battery of Performance Test of Intelligence
  • Draw A Man Test
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
  • Test of General Intelligence for College Students
  • Social Intelligence Scale By N.K.Chadha
  • Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices

Personality Test

  • 16 PF Questionnaire
  • Eysenck Personality Questionnaire – Revised (EPQ-R)

Creativity Test

  • Non –Verbal Test of Creative Thinking
  • Verbal Test of Creative Thinking
  • Passi Test of Creativity


  • Achievement Motivation by Bhargava

Various Inventories

  • State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
  • Depression Inventory (Personal Assessment Inventory) By Dr. S. Karim
  • Vocational Interest Record by Kulshreshstha
  • Multi Phasic Interest Inventory by S.K. Bawa
  • Guidance Needs Inventory J.S Grewal.
  • Teachers Values Inventory
  • Introversion –Extroversion Inventory

Various Scales

  • Comprehensive Scale of Tension
  • Bhargawa Aspiration Scale
  • Occupational Aspiration Scale

Miscellaneous Items

  • Paired Associative Learning By Jan Bandhu
  • Short-Term Memory By B.B.Asthana
  • Long –Term Memory By B.b.Asthana
  • Problem Solving Ability Test –Dubey
  • Multi Factor Interest-Questionnaire

Some of the Psychological Instruments available in the lab are:  

  • Tachistoscope
  • Size Weight Illusion Box
  • Aesthesro Meter Caliper Two Points
  • Muller- Lyre Illusion with Stand
  • Depth Perception Apparatus
  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus Electrical
  • Finger Maze
  • Memory Drum
  • Tachistoscope (Gravity type)
  • Finger Dexterity Board (With pins)
  • Steadiness Tester
  • Vernier Chronoscope for Reaction Time – Electric Type
  • Normal Probability Curve Demonstration Apparatus
  • Phi-Phenomenon Apparatus
  • Vertical Horizontal Illusion
  • Attention Board with Counter
  • Distraction of Attention