Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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         The project, Online Collaborative Learning Platform aims at facilitating teaching-learning activities for all the programs of the college. The main aim of OCLP is to have constant interaction with the students on a round the clock basis. During the pandemic OCLP coordinated co-curricular activities along with curricular activities of the college

The functions of OCLP are

  • Facilitate teaching -learning process
  • Co-ordinate the teaching- learning process through online and LMS platform
  • Prepare and upload demo videos on various online teaching learning tools
  • Provide support and guidance to teachers on blended learning and online learning
  • Organise seminar/webinars, training programs, workshops, etc., on innovations in teaching learning process and online learning platform for teachers and students
  • Enable students to prepare their own ICT resources
  • Encourage students to prepare learning materials for their courses
  • Co-ordinate co-curricular activities in online platform
  • Help Examination and Evaluation Committee(EEC) to conduct online examinations for B.Ed. and M.Ed. Programmes
  • Scaffold EEC in the conduct of open defence through online platform

    The members of the project are:

         Project Head                 : Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem (Principal)              

         Project Director             :  Dr. Aseel Abdul Wahid

        Associate Directors         : Dr. Niranjana K.P

                                                     : Dr. Rishad Kolothumthodi

                                                     : Mr. Fasalul Abid C.M

OCLP Heads and Work Flow (For Updating )  

 Team OCLP created the following demo videos regarding Google classroom

1️⃣    How to join by using class code?

2️⃣    How to create class platform ?

3️⃣    Student view : How to respond to question ?

4️⃣    Student view : How to respond to assignment ?

5️⃣    For teachers: How to create class work ?

6️⃣    How to conduct examination ?

7️⃣    How mark attendance ?

8️⃣     How to stop email notification from google classroom ?

9️⃣     How to post assignment in google classroom ?

Learning Management System

        Under FTCIA Online Collaborative Learning Platform (OCLP), the college offers various programmes through MOODLE and Google Classrooms in order to co-ordinate the teaching-learning activities during the Corvid -19 pandemic. The courses of B.Ed, M.Ed and Ph.D programmes are accessible through  Google Classrooms, Gnomio,  and  Xeted . Monitoring of examinations and assignments are carried out using these platforms with the help of Evaluation and Examination Committee (EEC). Each faculty is running courses for their concerned subject. The following are the LMS platforms provided by the college for facilitating teaching-learning process.

                 Google Classroom

                 Link :


B.Ed 19-21 Link :

M.Ed 19-21 Link :


B.Ed A Batch  20-22: Link:

B.Ed B Batch  20-22 :Link :

M.Ed 20-22: Link :