Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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Farook Training College

  Research Centre in Education

List of Ph.D Awardees

Sl.No. Name of Scholar Name of Supervising Teacher Title of Year of Awarded
1 Leema.K.M Prof.(Dr.) Mohamed Saleem.T Status and Challenges of Elementary Teacher Education in Kerala with reference to Quality and Expansion 08.05.2018
2 Sindhu.C.M Dr.Bindhu.C.M Influence of Parenting Style, Classroom Climate and Academic Delay of Gratification on Self-Regulated Learning in Physics among Secondary School Students 18.06.2018
3 Shimimol.P.S Dr.Hassan Koya.M.P Influence of Cognitive Dissonance and Self Compassion on Academic Procrastination among Higher Secondary School Students of Kerala 11.09.2018
4 Shamina.E Dr.Mumthas.N.S Effectiveness of a Classroom Management Competency Enhancement Programme for Prospective Teachers at Secondary Level 25.09.2018
5 Blessitha Anwar Dr.Mumthas.N.S Problem Dealing Strategies of Novice and Expert Teachers at Secondary School Level 27.05.2019
6 Shaheedali.M Dr.Vijayakumari.K Development of a Module to Enhance the Performance in Teaching Mathematics among Prospective Teachers at Primary Level 10.06.2019
7 Prasheeda.P Prof.(Dr.) Mohamed Saleem.T A Review of Doctoral Studies in Education in the State of Kerala 15.07.2019
8 Jinu.M.K Dr.Vijayakumari.K Development of a Package on Geometry to Foster Mathematical Creativity among Upper Primary Students 17.07.2019
9 Jasna P Varijan Dr.Noushad.P.P Effectiveness of Eco Pedagogical Model in the Development of Critical Consciousness and Planetary Citizenship of Secondary School Students 19.09.2019
10 Udayasree.K Dr.Rekha.P Effectiveness of a Disaster Management Education Programme to Enhance the Awareness on Disaster Management among Secondary School Students of Kerala 11.11.2019
11 Smitha.R Dr.Manoj Praveen.G Influence of Select Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables on Problem Solving Ability in Physics among Higher Secondary School Students 03.01.2020
12 Rajula.V.V Dr.Jesa.M Development of Context Integrated e-Content for Enhancing Achievement in English of Tribal Higher Secondary School Students in Wayanad District. 22.01.2020
13 Vijesh.K Dr.Manoj Praveen.G Effect of Schema Based Instruction on Solving Story Problems in Physics among Higher Secondary School Students 27.02.2020
14 Suneera.A Dr.Mumthas.N.S Effect of Self-Regulation Empowerment Programme and Academic Outcomes of Upper primary students 07.07.2020
15 Ranjithlal.P.K Dr.Hassan Koya.M.P Effectiveness of Instructional Strategy Based on Instructional Support Plan on Achievement in Social Science of Mentally Challenged Students 09.07.2020
16 Santhikrishna.C Dr.Rekha.P Effectiveness of an Intervention Programme for Enhancing Awareness on First Aid at Secondary Level 09.09.2020
17 Reshma.P.T Dr.Jesa.M Effectiveness of Principled Eclectic Approach on Performance in English of secondary School students in Kerala 30.11.2020
18 Onathara Binita Dr.Jesa.M Efficacy of Community Partnership Curriculum Package on Character Development among Coastal Upper Primary School Students in Kerala 19.03.2021
19 Midhundas.A.M Dr.Vijayakumari.K Certain Psychological Variables Predicting Mathematical Creativity among Secondary School Students 26.07.2021
20 Muneer.V Prof.(Dr.) Mohamed Saleem Analysis of Status of Tribal Students in Selected Aspects and Functioning of Tribal Residential Schools in Kerala 30.07.2021
21 Irshana Shahnaz Ulladan Dr.Noushad.P.P and Co-Guide Prof.(Dr.).T.Mohamed Saleem Marginalization and Disaffection among Backward Class Girls Students from Malabar in Higher Educational Institutions 17.06.2022
22 Anoop Thomas Alex Dr.Manoj Praveen.G Effect of Case Based Reasoning on Classroom Management Problem Solving Skill among Prospective Teachers at Secondary School Level 03.08.2022
23 M.P.Ravishanker Dr.Mumthas.N.S Factor affecting Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Physics among Prospective Teachers at Secondary Level in Kerala 28.09.2022
24 Rishad Kolothumthodi Dr.Manoj Praveen.G Effect of Virtual Learning environment using Geogebra on Problem Solving Ability in Geometry of Secondary School Students 20.03.2023
25 Shahanas.E Dr.Hassan Koya.M.P Influence of Metacognition and Attributional Complexity on Academic Resilience of Orphanage Students in Kerala 27.03.2023
26 Philip Joseph Prof.(Dr.) Noushad.P.P and Co-Guide Dr.Umer Farooque.T.K Development of a Bridge Programme for Enhancing Achievement in Mathematics of Standard XI Students 10.04.2023
27 Mohammed Sareef.K Prof.(Dr.) Noushad.P.P and Co-Guide Dr.Umer Farooque.T.K Effect of Theatre Techniques in Teaching Malayalam on Linguistic, Interpersonal and intrapersonal Intelligences of Higher Secondary School Students 11.04.2023
28 Justin Johns Prof.(Dr.) Mumthas.N.S Analysis of Learning Difficulties and Remedial Practices for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities in Kerala 20.04.2023
29 Sini Soosan Mathai Dr.Vijayakumari.K Certain Social and Personal Variables as Predictors of School Engagement among Secondary School Students of Kerala 15.05.2023
30 Nowfal.C Prof.(Dr.) Noushad.P.P and Co-Guide Prof.(Dr.).T.Mohamed Saleem Information seeking Behavior, Procrastination Behavior and Ethical Consideration in Research among Research Scholars in Social Science 16.05.2023
31 Linisha.C.K Dr. Fathima Jaseena.M.P.M Effectiveness of Collaborative Problem Based Learning on Critical Thinking, Academic Motivation, and Emotion Regulation of Secondary School Students in Kerala 09.06.2023
32 Shafeeq P Dr. Hassan Koya M P Influence of technostress and teacher autonomy on burnout among unaided secondary school teachers 12/07/2023