Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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Criterion 2

Entry behaviour Test     

Research Aptitude Test    

Entry Behaviour Test and Research Aptitude Test Revised 2021-23 and 2022-24


B atch B.Ed. M.Ed.





G-SLIP 2022-23 

Students Work  21-22    

Student Work 2022-23 
ICT Products 2022-23 

Criterion 3

Memorandum of Undertakings

Memorandum of Undertaking  2020-21:

Alpha E-Consultancy,  PeeVees Model School Nilambur,  Council for Research and Management of Learning Disorders, Integrated Council of Education -Calicut,

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Memorandum of Undertaking 2021-22

MoU Farook Training College -IE CAT    

MoU Brilliant Education Centre    

Teacher Publications

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Outreach Activities

National Education Day -11 November     

Home Lab Project @ GLPS Karinkallai- 31 Dec    

Five days Online Orientation for NET Aspirants- 6 Sept     

Distribution of learning materials    

Covid 19 Online Quiz and Awareness Programme- May 7 to 21    

Coursera- 12 July    

Inter Collegiate Gandhi Quiz Competition- 24 January    

Ten days Online Orientation for KTET Exam- 8 December    

Habitat Photography Competition- 19 April    

TV Challenge Modified- By MEd- June 30       

Home Library Empowerment Project @ GLPS Karinkallai- 1 january 

Webinar on Edutools- July 22     

Web Talk Series-Sunil P Ilayidam- 21 August 

Criterion 4

Link to certified ledger pages

4.2.5 supporting documents 2

Library Attendance Teachers and Students 2020-21

     Library Attendance  2020-21- Students    

    Library Attendance Teachers and Students 2020-21    

Library Attendance Teachers and Students 2021-22

     Library Attendance Teachers and Students 2021-22    

Criterion 5

Orientation on Grievance Redressal

    The activities and functioning of grievance redressal are introduced to the students from the very beginning in the Induction meeting itself. Provisions for both online and offline submission of grievances are available. The guidelines and constitution of grievance redressal cell are made available in the college website and in the student’s handbook.

Grievance Redressal Cell Minutes 20-21    

Grievance Redressal Cell Minutes 21-22    

Criterion 6

School Adoption Project 

School adoption project-Minutes of staff council    

School adoption project- Programmes       

Other Documents

Documents Showing Participation of Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff in Decision Making Bodies.

Finishing School Certificates    




IQAC Initiatives-  2019 – 2020    

IQAC Initiatives 2020-21    
IQAC Initiatives 2021-22    

NAAC- Teachers Attended in the Professional Development Programme (2015-2020)    

Achievements of Students and Staff during the assessment year 2020-21    

Copies of Course Completion Certificates