Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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    Step into the transformative School Internship Program, where theory and practice converge to shape the educators of tomorrow. Our program serves as a guiding light for aspiring educators, offering invaluable hands-on experience in authentic classroom settings, preparing you for a thriving teaching career.

    Recognizing that effective teaching hinges on classroom dynamics and practical application, our School Internship Program is carefully designed to immerse aspiring educators in experiences that mold teaching philosophies and elevate skill sets.

Highlights of Our School Internship Program:

  1. Practical Exposure: Dive into live classroom environments across a variety of school settings, applying learned pedagogies and refining teaching techniques under guidance.

  2. Collaborative Learning: Engage with experienced educators, collaborating on lesson planning, classroom management, and fostering student engagement strategies.

  3. Professional Development: Receive personalized mentorship, feedback, and support from seasoned educators, fostering your growth and confidence as a future teacher.

  4. Reflective Teaching Practice: Cultivate a habit of reflective teaching, encouraging critical analysis and adaptation of teaching methodologies for enhanced student learning.

  5. Diverse Classroom Settings: Experience a spectrum of teaching environments, including urban, rural, special needs, and diverse cultural settings, broadening your adaptability and understanding.

  6. Inclusive Education Emphasis: Engage in inclusive classroom practices, learning to accommodate diverse learning styles and support students with varying abilities.

  7. Technology Integration: Explore modern teaching tools and technologies within classrooms, gaining proficiency in integrating tech for effective teaching and learning experiences.

  8. Community Engagement: Collaborate with local communities, families, and stakeholders, understanding the broader context of education and fostering partnerships for student success.

  9. Observation and Analysis: Develop keen observation skills, analyzing teaching methods, student behavior, and classroom dynamics to refine your teaching strategies.

  10. Portfolio Development: Construct a comprehensive teaching portfolio showcasing your growth, achievements, and acquired skills during the internship, serving as a testament to your readiness for the teaching profession.

  11. Continuous Support and Evaluation: Benefit from ongoing support and structured evaluations, ensuring a guided learning process and continuous improvement throughout the internship tenure.

  12. Networking Opportunities: Connect with alumni, educational leaders, and professionals in the field through seminars, workshops, and networking events, fostering connections and insights for future career opportunities.

Pool of Internship Institutes


Serial School Address Contact
1 Farook HSS Farook College PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala 673632 Phone: 04952440670
2 GGVHSS Feroke Feroke PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala 673631 Phone: 9400785627
3 GHS Chaliyappuram Cheruvayoor PO, Edavannapara, Malappuram Dt 673645 Phone: 8606810689
4 Sevamandir Post Basic HSS Ramanattukara PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala 673633 Phone: 9497304030
5 Govt. Model HSS Calicut University Campus Calicut University PO, Malappuram Dt 673635 Phone: 9447410187
6 AMMHS Puliikkal Puliikkal PO, Malappuram Dt 673637 Phone: 9446445537
7 PPMHSS Kottukara Kondotty PO, Malappuram Dt 673638 Phone: 04832711374
8 Kunnamangalam HSS Kunnamangalam Calicut PO, Calicut Dt 673571
9 GVHSS Chelari Thenjhipalam PO, Malappuram Dt 673636 Phone: 0747049786
10 Zamorian’s HSS Chalappuram PO, Calicut Dt 673002 Phone: 04952703520
11 GVHSS For Girls Nadakav Calicut Dt 673011 Phone: 9447337708
12 JDT HSS Vellimadu Kunnu Villimadu Kunnu. PO. Calicut 673012 Phone : 9037558480
13 Rama Krishna Mission HSS Arts Coollege PO. Kannancheri, Calicut 673018
14 KARIKALLAI UP SCHOOL Farook College PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala 673632
15 AZHINJILAM AUP SCHOOL Azhinjilam PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala
16 AMUP SCHOOL, CHANDA FEROKE Feroke PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala
17 GUPS Ramanattukara Ramanattukara PO, Calicut Dt, Kerala 673633 Phone: 9497304367
18 PUTHOOR MADAM UP SCHOOL Pantheerankav PO, Kozhikode Dt Phone: 048327115656


Serial College Address Contact
1 Farook Training College Farook College PO Calicut, 673632 Phone:  04952440662
2 CUTEC Chakkittapara, Kozhikode – 673526 Phone:  9605647480
3 KMCT College of Teacher Education Chathamangalam NITC-P.O Kozhikode-673602 Phone:  0495 2287315
4 Jamiya Nadwiyya Training College Edavana Chembakkuth, Salah Nagar Edavana, 676541 Phone:  9999999999
5 Govt. College of Teacher Education Town Hall Rd, Near Town Hall, Mananchira, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001 Phone:  0495 272 2792
6 EMEA Training College near Calicut International Airport, Kondotty, Kerala 673638 Phone:  0483 271 6533
7 AWH Feroke Feroke Madurabazar Road, Cheruvannur, Kerala 673027 Phone:  0495 248 4356
8 CICS Training College M.G. Nagar, Mathara, Kozhikode, Kerala 673014 Phone:  0495 296 3607
9 Bhavans Ramakrishnan Institute of Teacher Education Ramanattukara, Kerala 673633 Phone:  0495 244 3221
10 Farook Training College, Kottakkal MUP School Road, Kottakkal, Parappur, Kerala 676503 Phone:  0483 274 4144
11 CUTEC Padichattummuri Karattuparamba Padinhattummuri (Po), Koottilangadi(Via) Malappuram DistricT -676506(PinCode) Phone:  04933 240450