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        Qualifying teacher eligibility test is the first ladder the prospective teachers have to climb after completion of their B.Ed. programme. PTEP is a project started in 2015 with the aim that all students who complete B.Ed. programme from our college should qualify various teacher qualifying exam such as SET, NET and KTET. The initial goal of the project was to prepare all our students to qualify for such exams through specialized training modules. Gradually the students from other colleges who are seriously preparing for such exams could be accommodated in the project.  Later, as part of extension of the project to the community, we were able to organize training programs for candidates appearing for HSA, LPSA and UPSA examinations. After the introduction of this project we could achieve outstanding results in the competitive exams that all of our students could qualify any of teacher eligibility tests before leaving the college. The unique methodology of the project has three phases viz   pre-coaching phase  which includes general orientation after the notification, help desk for application and financial assistance for deserving students,   the coaching phase  – syllabus based classes by the selected faculty and  post coaching phase  which includes consolidation and mock tests. Our specifically designed methodology involves distribution of materials in advance of each session and students will attend the session after reading those simple but comprehensive notes. Regular supervision through frequent consultation and periodic assessment will also be made to keep students alive till the examination.

Faculty in-charge :Dr. Fathima Jaseena MPM

Result Analysis of Students in Various Competitive Exams

The details of the session arranged under the project are given below

Details of session conducted

Year Programme Mode Results Participants
2016 Training for K_TET Offline 86% Our students
2017 KTET , NET and SET Offline KTET - 90%, SET - 70%, NET - 55% Our students and Alumni
2018-19 KTET, NET and SET Offline KTET - 92%, SET - 72%, NET - 64% Our students and alumni
2019-20 KTET, NET and SET Offline KTET - 88%, SET - 70%, NET - 63% Our students and alumni
2020-21 KTET, NET and SET Online KTET - 89%, SET - 6%, NET - 55% Our students, alumni and Public
2020-21 LPSA and UPS A Public

The successfulness of the project is evident from the result of our students in various competitive examinations after 2015 shown below

PTEP- result of our BEd students in competitive examinations form 2015

2015-16 6(16) 13(21) 36(42) 7(11)
2016-17 16(29) 29(41) 82(91) 11(19)
2017-18 20(36) 33(46) 86(93) 14(21)
2018-19 29(45) 39(54) 89(96) 21(30)
2019-20 19(30) 29(41) 86(97)
2020-21 31(56) 39(51) 82(92)
2021-22 30(51) 44(59) 78(95)
2022-23 14(42) 30(49) 84(94) 6(17)

List of Achievers in Various Competitive Exams




PTEP Gallery


PTEP 2015-2023      .



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