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Institutional Policy Document on Financial Assistance

Institutional Policy Document on Financial Assistance to Faculty Members for Professional Development

    The institutional policy for providing financial assistance to teachers underscores our commitment to fostering continuous professional development. We recognize the pivotal role that ongoing learning plays in enhancing the skills and knowledge of our teaching staff. This policy outlines a structured approach to support faculty members in attending seminars, conferences, workshops, and covering membership fees for professional organizations. Eligible teachers can apply for assistance by submitting a request detailing the event's relevance, a budget proposal, and expected benefits. The approval process, managed by the Principal and IQAC, ensures alignment with institutional goals. Financial support is disbursed transparently, covering registration fees, travel, accommodation, and membership fees as applicable. We expect recipients to actively engage in professional development activities and share acquired knowledge with colleagues. This policy reflects our dedication to empowering educators and promoting a culture of lifelong learning.

Institutional policy document with effect from 05-06-2022
Financial Support For Teacher's Professional Development with effect from June 2018