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Report of sports and cultural activities 2018-2023



            Various types of cultural and literary activities are organized by the fine arts committee headed by the fine arts coordinator( A staff member nominated by the staff council). These activities helps to cater and develop the multiple intelligences of the students. Regular programmes organised under the fine arts committee are following.

Talent’s Day

            Talent’s Day is the curtain  raiser programme of the fine arts committee. All the first year students from M.Ed and B.Ed are given an opportunity to perform their talent, skill and proficiency in various fields and forms of fine arts. The programmes very much help students to overcome their stage phobia, identifying the potentialities of new comers, make students socialized and help them to bring self expression.

Fine Arts Fest

            Fine arts fest is conducted yearly under the auspicious of College student’s Union. Intramural competitions on various literary events and performing arts helps to select students for university level competitions.

Harmony Fest

            Harmony Fest is celebrated once in an year to uphold the values of secularism, tolerance and national integration. Arts and culture forms of all major religions and values and virtues of holly texts and philosophers are shared n this eve.

College annual day

            Annual day is celebrated as a farewell programme of college student’s union. An oral feed back session for the all round development and improvement of the institution is also arranged on this day.

             Various other literary and cultural programmes are taking place during the course of time. They are arranged and organized by different subject groups and clubs.       



        Farook Training College places significant emphasis on fostering a holistic environment by promoting sports activities alongside academic and cultural pursuits. This commitment is evident through the institution's regular organization of diverse sporting events, fostering student-staff camaraderie and participation in inter-college tournaments.

Annual Athletic Meet:

        An integral part of the college's sporting calendar is the Annual Athletic Meet, a flagship event that serves as a platform for students to showcase their athletic prowess. This event brings together students from various disciplines, promoting healthy competition and camaraderie among participants.

Intra-College Sporting Events:

        To encourage active participation and engagement, the college hosts friendly matches in popular sports such as cricket, football, and badminton between students and staff. These matches not only promote physical fitness but also foster a sense of unity and teamwork within the college community.

Staff Games Competition with Sister Institutions:

        In addition to fostering student-staff interactions through sporting events, college organizes Staff Games Competition involving sister institutions. This initiative not only strengthens inter-institutional bonds but also encourages faculty and staff members to actively participate in various sporting activities, fostering a sense of community and healthy competition beyond campus boundaries. The collaborative nature of the Staff Games Competition cultivates a platform for networking, mutual support, and friendly rivalry among faculty and staff from different institutions. It serves as an avenue for building relationships beyond professional boundaries, promoting teamwork, and reinforcing the ethos of sportsmanship among educators and administrative personnel.

All Kerala Inter- Training College Badminton Tournament:

        Farook Training College actively engages with neighboring institutions by organizing an inter-college badminton tournament. This initiative not only encourages healthy competition but also provides an opportunity for students to interact with peers from other educational establishments, promoting a spirit of sportsmanship and collaboration.

Fitness Workshops and Yoga Sessions:

        Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, the college organizes yoga practical sessions and physical fitness workshops. These initiatives aim to promote not only physical health but also mental well-being among students and staff, fostering a balanced lifestyle within the college community.

Celebration of Sports-Related Days:

        College celebrates significant sports-related days, acknowledging their importance in promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle. These celebrations serve as educational platforms, raising awareness about the significance of sports in personal and community development.