Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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Surprise Inspection Squad

For the internal audit of various activities of the college, a Surprise Inspection Squad is functioning in the college. The members of the squad are:

Coordinator : Dr. Anees Mohammed. C

Faculty Members : Dr. Fathima Jaseena MPM

        : Dr. Jouhar Munavvir T

        : Dr. Mohammed Sareef K

        : Dr. Mohammed Nasimudheen. T

        : K M Jameela, Vice President, PTA

        : Raseena M K (Research Scholar)


Planning Board

    As per the recommendations of UGC, a planning board in functioning in the college to approve the proposal for development of undergraduate and postgraduate education, after identifying its need and deciding on its priorities. The members of the board are:

Chairman: Prof. (Dr.) T. Mohamed Saleem (Principal)

Coordinator : Dr. Niranjana K. P.

Representatives of the Teaching staff:

                : Prof. (Dr.) N.S. Mumthas

                   : Prof. (Dr.) Vijayakumari K.

                : Dr. T.K. Umer Farooque

                : Dr. Rishad Kolothumthodi

                : Dr. Aseel Abdul Wahid

Librarian          : Mrs. Sabira M.

Bursar or a senior person from accounts Department: Mrs. Rubeena P.M

Purchase Committee

    The College purchase committee is formed to identity and monitor the purchases required for all the academic, administrative and amenities required in the college, as per the recommendation of UGC. The members of purchase committee are:

Chairman         : Prof. (Dr.)T Mohamed Saleem (Principal)

Convenor        : Dr. Aseel Abdul Wahid

Faculty Members :  Dr. Rekha. P 

                                  :  Dr. Niranjana K.P

                               : Dr. Jouhar Munavvir T.

                             : Mr. Fasalul Abid C.M

Time Table Committee

    To prepare the time-table for the B.Ed and M.Ed course, during the academic year a Time Table committee functions in the college. The Committee consist of:

    1. Principal(Chairman): Prof. (Dr.) T. Mohammed Saleem

    2. Dr. Rekha P. ( Convenor)

    3. Dr. Nowfal C

    4. Dr. Mohammed Nasimudheen T.

Fine Arts Committee

    Fine arts committee organizes programmes on occasions of social relevance like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day. World Literacy Day, World Human Rights Day, World Environment Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Onam, Eid, Christmas, NewYear, etc. The Fine Arts Committee also organizes fine arts day, talents day etc. for the academic year. The committee consists of:

1. Prof. (Dr.) T. Mohamed Saleem, Principal (Chairman)

2. Dr. Fathima Jaseena MPM (Director of Fine Arts & Celebrations)

3. Mrs. Ramsheena A M(Member)

4. Student Representative (Fine Arts Secretary)

College Magazine Committee

The College magazine will be published at the end of every academic year. The College Magazine Committee consists of:

1.Prof. (Dr.)T. Mohamed Saleem, Principal (Chief Editor)

2. Dr. Afeef Tharavatath (Staff Editor)

3. Student Representative (Student Editor)

The Principal has the option to nominate a few more members. In addition to this, every optional class shall publish manuscript magazines and wall magazines.

The Election Literacy Club

The election literacy club is community initiative aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of the electoral process among citizens. Through various educational programmes, workshops and interactive sessions, the club seeks to empower individuals with essential knowledge about election, voting rights and democratic principles. By fostering election literacy, the club encourages active participation in the democratic process, ultimately strngthening the foundations of a vibrant and informed society.

the club consists of following members

Nodal officer                     : Mr. Fasalul Abid C M

Campus Ambassador  : Bincy T K (B.Ed.)

Members                           : Sudheerya SS (B.Ed.)

                                                : Nasmina M P (B.Ed.)