Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39(2021-26)

    Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.54 second cycle (2012-17)         Third cycle Reaccreditation  IIQA submitted and approved by NAAC.      SSR submitted successfully as on 01.01.2024.

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NAAC Reaccreditation 2023

NAAC Reaccreditation Documents 2023-IIQA (Institutional Information on Quality Assessment)

IIQA Sl. No Description Document Link
Uploaded final version of IIQA Click Here

NAAC 2007 Accreditation Cycle 1

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NAAC 2012 Accreditation  Cycle 2 

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Affiliation  Order University of Calicut 

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UGC 2 (f)

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14 UGC 12(B) Click Here
18 NCTE Recognition Order Click Here
22 Self declaration by the head of the institution with reference to affiliation status Click Here
27 Minutes of IQAC meeting and action taken report
28 AQAR 1 (2018-19)

AQAR 2 (2019-20)

AQAR 3 (2020-21)

AQAR 4 (2021-22)
29 Statutory declaration on the institution website under section 4(1)(b) of the RTI act 2005
30 Academic MoU with foreign institution Click Here
31 AISHE 2023 Click Here
32 Declaration by Principal on Compliance to   provisions   of Statutory Regulatory Authorities Click Here
33 IIQA payment details Amount (including applicable taxes) : 29500.00
Receipt Number : 106524
Bank Reference Number : pay_MpZwKJzl15qWsb
Date : 18/10/2023