Re-accredited by NAAC at A Grade with CGPA 3.25, Third Cycle (2024-29) & Accredited by SAAC at A+ Grade with CGPA 3.39 (2021-26)
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    The college has established a vibrant tradition of celebrating a multitude of festivals, fostering a rich tapestry of cultural exchange and understanding among students and faculty. This report aims to highlight the inclusive nature of these celebrations, emphasizing their role in promoting diversity and unity within the academic community.

Participation and Inclusivity: Throughout the academic year, various festivals including Onam, Christmas, Ramzan, Holi, national and international important days and many others are enthusiastically embraced by both students and teachers. The active participation of all members of the college community underscores the inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to partake in these cultural events.

Cultural Exchange and Understanding: These festivities serve as invaluable platforms for cultural exchange, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their traditions, customs, and beliefs. Such interactions foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures, promoting unity amidst diversity within the college.

Impact on Community: The celebration of diverse festivals not only enriches the college experience but also nurtures a sense of belonging and acceptance among students and faculty. It creates an environment where individuals feel valued for their cultural heritage while also embracing the uniqueness of others.

Benefits and Learnings: Participating in these celebrations offers educational insights into various cultural practices and rituals. Students gain firsthand experience and knowledge, broadening their perspectives beyond textbooks and classrooms. Moreover, these celebrations instill values of tolerance, respect, and empathy among the college community.