UGC Projects (MRP)

UGC Projects (MRP)


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FTC Faculty members are actively engaging in research projects & Seminars offered by various agencies of Higher education.

From 2014 onwards, 10 Minor projects submitted to UGC.  

1 UGC aided Minor project is in process. 

To see the detailed List of Research Projects & Seminars.  Click here


Executive Summary of Submitted MRP (UGC Funded)



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Month of Submission


Dr. G. Manoj Praveen

Executive Summary

January 2014


Dr. PP. Noushad

Executive Summary

January 2014


Dr. NS. Mumthas

Executive Summary

January 2014


 Dr. Jesa. M

 Executive summary

 November 2014




Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem

Executive Summary

July 2015


 6  Dr. A. Hameed  Executive Summary

 Nov. 2015


 7 Mr.  Abdul Basheer U


 Nov. 2015


 8 Dr.  Umer Farooque TK   Executive Summary




 Dr. Hassan Koya MP


   Executive Summary  Dec. 2015
 10  Dr. P. Rekha  Executive Summary  March. 2016


Dr. Jouhar Munavvir

Executive Summary

September 2018