Gurudarsan is the official YouTube Channel of Farook Training College. The channel aims to unleash and exhibit the potential of technology to enable the public interested in striving ahead in academics. Knowledge and experience of the intellectuals converging at Farook Training College is thus disseminated to all. The channel Gurudarsan has been working on a number of projects to achieve its goals and is already a popularly sought source of authenticity. The Board of Directors of Channel Gurudarsan are:


Managing Director


Dr. T .Mohamed Saleem , Principal


Executive Director


Mr.Fasalul Abid.CM


Associate Directors


Dr. Fathima Jeseena MPM




Mr. Faseel Ahammed.


Chief Editor


Mr. Mohammed Sareef. K

5. Student Directors


Nivedh K.R. 




Muhammed Hadi




Nila P. Shanthi

G-FLIP and G-SLIP are two projects initiated by Gurudarsan. To know further details of the project, click the links below