Finishing School

Finishing School is the concept that reaches its horizon beyond 4E’s-Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment. Our Finishing School, launched in 2015, works on an agenda towards empowering the inner potential of our student teachers for equipping them with essential skills to meet with the demands of emerging student community. It has a unique training methodology that incorporates learning, skills and self-development with a curriculum that is entertaining, stimulating and rewarding. We utilize the expertise of our teachers, Content, Infrastructure, Systems and Digital Technology aids that enhance better learning outcomes, outstanding personal development and effective social skills among our student teachers developed in over five decades of experience in the education field; it finely blends into modern and futuristic professional set up and demand.

The project levels up students’ confidence and self-esteem so that they are able to face unusual and difficult situations with ease during their future career. Under this project, teachers are constantly imparting training in the areas of general knowledge, communication skills and life skills to the students as per the prescribed syllabus.  Classes are organized one day a week under the supervision of expert faculties as the part of our regular timetable based on prescribed syllabus.  Each session includes theoretical orientation on the topic and demonstration by the expert faculty, practical task for skill development and assessment of students’ performance. As a culmination of our efforts to make it fully fledged course efforts are in progress to have official collaboration with Central University of Kerala.