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FTC Library

Number of books- 17843.      Number of Volumes- 16299.    Number of titles-9974

Journals- 15.      National- 10.     International- 5.    Magazines- 10.  Periodicals- 11

News papers- 09.

Audio-visual teaching learning resources

CDs – 175 numbers

Software: Book Magic

Internet and INFLIBNET facility

Audio – video cassettes along with viewing apparatus.

Resource material on digital media such as CD, Micro films etc.

Library Advisory Committee

The Principal (Chairman)

The Librarian (Secretary)

Dr. C.A.Jawahar

  1. Abdul Basheer                


Dr. N.S Mumthas     

One student representative

Working days-6 days

Days open in academic year-250 days

Hours per day– 8 hrs.


Facilities offered to the visually and physically challenged persons.

Special corner for visually challenged students

Braille books